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Are you ready to live a life of effortless success and allow a higher force to manifest your dreams...and all you have to do is step into flow?
Debra Poneman

Everything you need to live your phenomenal life is in Debra's Yes to Success Program. This limited time offer includes the entire seminar from beginning to end - the same seminar that tens of thousands of people around the world have paid up to $895 to attend and some of the most renowned transformational leaders in the world say was the key to their success.

A Message From Debra to you:

Dear Friend,

Do you feel like you are ready to live the happy and successful life you were put on earth to live?

I promise you, it is not difficult. I will show you very simple techniques that have been used by my students who went on to:

  • Create success and financial abundance beyond anything they had ever let themselves imagine before
  • Discover and live their ideal life's work
  • Have the deep and passionate relationships they had always dreamed of
  • Enjoy vibrant health and unlimited energy
    ...and most importantly enjoy the deep peace, fulfillment and happiness that living in the flow of grace brings.

All of this is waiting for you. You can have it and more. I will show you how. And there is no risk to you whatsoever.

With love from my heart to yours,


You will receive MP3 audio files of all 8 modules
of the Yes to Success Seminar including:

Module #1 Achieving True Success is Easier Than You Think
Downloadable MP3 Audio File

Many of us spend our lives looking outside ourselves for validation, believing we are not successful or even worthy of success.  That is all about to change.  Discover what true success is and live the rest of your life moving through each moment with power and certainty of who you really are.

Module #2  The Simplest and Most Effective Way to Harness the Infinite Power of Your Mind
Downloadable MP3 Audio File

Once you understand that you have the power to create and uncreate at will and the knowledge of how to do it,  you will live in a state of infinite choice and possibility from this day forward.

Module #3   Don't Let Goals Get a Bad Rap...Think of them as Putting in Your Order to the Cosmic Order-Taker
Downloadable MP3 Audio File

First you will learn how to access your own inner guidance and then to set goals from a place of alignment with your higher self. You will be astounded at how fast your orders get filled when you use the techniques that Debra shares.

Module #4 Managing Your TIme and Organizing Your Space:  Success Can Not Flow Through Disorder
Downloadable MP3 Audio File

Learn simple ways to get yourself organized and...begin to accomplish more in a day than you used to in a week; to stop procrastinating and watch those items that have been on your TO DO list for months (or years) get easily accomplished; to make clutter vanish (did you know that it's holding you back from success and maybe even from the love of your life arriving?)....and more.

Module #5  Opening Up the Floodgates of Unlimited Abundance
Downloadable MP3 Audio File

Debra will show you infallible ways open up the flow of abundance.  You can have all the beautiful cars, luxury vacations (or peaceful retreats), money to play with (and more to give away) than you could ever imagine - and you can live a state of existence that if you lost it all tomorrow, it would hardly effect your state of mind. You would even say thank you to the universe....and then recreate it again.

Module #6  Creating Vibrant Health and a Successful Image: Learn the ONLY Secret You Need to Know
Downloadable MP3 Audio File

It really is the only secret you need to know....and Debra will tell it to you at the end of this life-changing, easy-to-implement information-filled module on how anyone can have vibrant good health, a beautiful, strong body, unlimited energy and a crystal clear mind.

Module #7  What You Think is Holding You Back Really Isn't......Then what is???
Downloadable MP3 Audio File

Learn the true power of gratitude, forgiveness and the words we speak.  This is most life-changing knowledge in the seminar.  Living this alone will completely transform your life forever.

Module #8  Yes to Success - You Have the Power to Change the World
Downloadable MP3 Audio File

You are powerful beyond measure....Learn about the power you have to bring about world peace.  And that is you, singular.

Complete Set of Yes to Success Course Materials - PDF and Word Doc formats to choose from

Included is everything Debra uses in the weekend seminar including all Goal Setting and Time Management forms, Master Mind Guidelines,  Seven Day Mental Diet, and much more!

Bonus #1
Simple Techniques to Attract Wealth Into Your Life NOW

A 90 minute LIVE presentation entitled Simple Techniques to Attract Wealth Into Your Life NOW that Debra presented to a resounded standing ovation at Greg Habstitt’s Money Attraction Bootcamp.

Retail value $25

Bonus #2
The Effortless Path to True Success and Happiness

A 90 minute LIVE presentation entitled The Effortless Path to True Success and Happiness presented at Janet and Chris Attwood’s Discover Your Destiny weekend.

Retail value $25

Bonus #3
Chicken Soup for the American Idol Soul

An amazing LIVE talk entitled What the American Idols Can Teach You About Not Giving Up On Your Dreams that Debra presented based on her interviews with over 50 American Idols, judges, producers, directors and fans for her best-selling book Chicken Soup for the American Idol Soul. Learn what the Idols did to get into the top 10 and use the principles in your own life....hint: there were those who were more talented....

Retail value $25

More About Debra Poneman
Debra Poneman

Debra Poneman and her Yes to Success Seminar have changed more lives over the past 3 decades than perhaps any other teacher or seminar today.  With almost 15 hours of powerful techniques of money manifestation, time manifestation, health and energy manifestation...and most importantly techniques to allow you to live with an overflowing heart and the peace of mind, love and happiness that are your birthright, Yes to Success holds the key to unlocking the door to the next chapter in your life - a chapter filled with dreams coming true.

Special Limited Time Offer: 90% OFF
for You Wealth Revolution Participants

I am ready to say YES to living my most phenomenal life now with
Debra's "Yes to Success Seminar"

This entire package is now YOURS for ONLY...


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Debra's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Because I'm so sure that the Yes to Success Seminar will have a dramatic effect on your success and happiness for the rest of your life, I'm offering the following guarantee:

If after completing the seminar, you don't think it is worth your investment, simply let us know within 30 days of the date of purchase, and we will give you a prompt and courteous refund - and you keep the 3 bonus talks!

What Others are Saying About Debra's Seminar:

"When I first attended Debra's Yes to Success seminar I was completely blown away by her unique vision of how every one of us can live our most cherished dreams and her amazing system of how to actually do it. I ended up attending the seminar so many more times that I lost count and each time I gained new insights that impacted my life, helped me live my dreams - and lead to the formulation of the Passion Test."

- Janet Attwood Co-author new York Times Bestseller "The Passion Test"

"Everything I'd heard about Yes to Success was true and more. This was one of the best things I've ever done in my life – and I’ve done them all...”

- Dave Breslow, Founder Personal Best Academy

"Debra was my first mentor and Yes to Success was where I began. I can honestly attribute my success to following the principles Debra teaches. If you want to live your dreams YTS will absolutely show you the way. Take this seminar. You will not regret it. I promise."

- Marci Shimoff, featured teacher in The Secret, and New York Times #1 best-selling author with over 15 million books sold worldwide

"If you are truly ready for inspiration, look no further than the knowledge you will gain from my good friend Debra Poneman."

- Mark Victor Hansen Co-creator of the #1 NY Times best-selling series "Chicken Soup for the Soul"

"Debra was teaching this knowledge of the power of our minds to create the lives we want long before anyone else. In just one weekend Debra took us from one revelation to another about the universal principles of success and exactly how to achieve it."

- AlexSandra Leslie, New Insights Leadership and Visionary Consultant

"I found this seminar full of ways to eliminate roadblocks and navigate into the flow of abundance. Debra has created an easy to follow and foolproof system for anybody who wants real success and prosperity in their business and everyday life. If you want a clear path to YES, I recommend Debra Poneman's Yes To Success!"

- Mary Pat Knight President, Leaders Inspired

"Even if you think you have been to every seminar "like this" and “learned it all,” you haven’t.  Yes to Success is truly an awe-inspiring experience."

- Bill Farber Attorney and Founder Life Energy Alignment Program

"The whole seminar was way more than I expected and more than what was promised – truly the definition of under-promise and over-deliver. The simple processing tool Debra taught to eliminate the existential fear of rapid change has transformed my life."

- Robin Tennant

"I made more money in the month following Yes to Success than in the entire year before it."

- Gene Gleason

"Debra Poneman is a remarkable teacher of all things related to living a successful life.  She lives and breathes the principles of inner and outer success so thoroughly that Yes to Success feels more like contagious joy than anything else.  Prepare to abandon your resistance, and welcome the many powerful and practical processes that Debra eagerly and generously shares.  I will without a doubt be using these tools and techniques for years to come."

- Jennie Landfield

“Yes to success boosted my self-confidence higher than I ever imagined.”

- Jody Pogorzelski

"The 'Yes to Success' seminar gave me tools that I immediately began using and I saw results right away. Not only did I start accomplishing more in less time but miracles started occurring in my life:  A previously unpaid writing position turned into a paid one.  A sponsorship allowed me to pursue my passion of barefoot water skiing. An article about me appeared in Oprah magazine.  And so much more! 'Yes to Success' taught me how to say 'Yes to Life!'"

- Karen Putz

"It's only been 13 days since Yes to Success and things are moving ahead so quickly! Success started happening the minute I decided to embrace success and live from my heart as Debra taught us that weekend.  I'm saying yes to success and people are saying yes back."

- Tanya Moat

"One of the most powerful things I learned from Debra was a practice called, "Sitting for Guidance". By allowing Divinity to pour over me as I sit in silence, I merely listen and feel the love that surrounds me. My heart's ears open to my Divine Imagination and in this moment of pure Grace, my heart writes…and in this writing, I AM revealed."

- Hal Price

"Since I took yes to success I have taken responsibility for my life and started really living it, not just letting happen around my. I was always waiting for the things I wanted just to happen because I was such a nice person and I'd put in my time, etc. This behavior is over. I'm now deciding what I want to create, for the first time in 54 years and miracles are happening."

- Kathryn Ciecielski

Special Limited Time Offer: 90% OFF
for You Wealth Revolution Participants

I am ready to say YES to living my most phenomenal life now with
Debra's "Yes to Success Seminar"

This entire package is now YOURS for ONLY...


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