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03/10 Module 1   (Click/Tap to expand/collapse this toggle.)

What is Success:
Living in the Light of Grace

Most of us spend our lives looking outside ourselves for answers and for validation - and we somehow believe that we’re not even worthy of success. That’s all about to change. In this module you’ll get clear on what success is for you and learn how to unblock the light of grace so that it can shower down on you and illuminate all your heart’s desires by facing your “tikkuns."

Materials for Module 1:

Actions to Take

Sitting for Guidance


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Here is a summary of some of the main points:

1. The secret to lasting success is no longer about having a nice briefcase as it was in 1981, and it's not even about working hard or beating the competition, it's about how to get all the energies in the universe to rise up and support you. It's about how to get the wind to always be at your back and how to harness a power that is greater than any knowledge you gain in a classroom or any tool you learn at a seminar.

2. When you joined Yes to Success, you said a big YES to the universe, declaring that you are ready for something more, something greater. You know that for some reason that golden ring has been just beyond your grasp and you are ready to grab it. What I'm going to give you is every practical and energetic tool I know that works—and then it's up to you to use them.

3. The first step to success is having the desire. And by registering for this course you've expressed the desire for more. Not everybody wants more. Some people are happy sitting in front of the TV eating Cheetos but that's not you. You're horse people, not cow people.

4. The second step is deciding to make a commitment. People are afraid of making a commitment because they're scared of two things: Committing themselves to success and failing and committing themselves to success and succeeding because both would cause you to take a risk and move out of your comfort zone.

5. We're so afraid of making mistakes and looking bad in the eyes of others that we let the days and months and years slip by without taking action. We contort our lives out of concern about what people are thinking of us...when the truth is they're not really thinking about us at all.

6. You just have to be more committed to your dream than you are to the fear of making a mistake. Imagine what you could do if you didn't care what other people think - and imagine what you could do if you approached your goals knowing you can't fail.

7. My friend Bill Baren says: "Our minds are no use to us in the matter of starting that which our hearts know is our path. The mind will come up with excuses, doubts, and countless reasons why you can't and shouldn't do something. You have to begin because it is the only way. And know that our resistance to doing our soul's work is our signal that we are on the right path. If there's no resistance to the work, you're often skirting around the periphery. Resistance is the friend that arrives when we've hit the bulls-eye. Procrastination and avoidance are simply part of the territory. They signal to me that I am about to something big, that I am on my hero's journey and that I am getting closer to whatever my next level is. But they are NOT the dragons that will stop me from getting there, but simply a sign that tells me that I'm close... and my only job is to continue to inch closer. Success requires taking action in spite of whatever makes you afraid. You can't think your way out of fear. Thinking will not overcome fear. Only action will."

8. Read and sign the Commitment Statement: Click here to download the YTS Commitment Statement

9. We are each born into the world with a set of lessons that we incarnated to learn. In the ancient science and philosophy of Kabbalah, it is said that we are born to face our tikkuns. The literal translation of the word tikkun in Hebrew is correction, or repair. Kabbalah says that we were each born with specific tasks or challenges or lessons we need to learn in this lifetime. Something we need to "repair."

10. Every time we're faced with a challenge we're given the chance to see the lesson in it and change the way we react and do it differently next time. Every time we react in the same old way, the lesson will return again and again and again (as a greater challenge each time) until we get it right.

11. How do we know what are our Tikkuns are? It's what scares you, what you run away from saying, "I'll face it next time." But I promise you if you face it, all the success, all the fulfillment, all the prosperity, in fact, everything you want is waiting on the other side. It's what you came on earth to face and overcome.

12. We learned Sitting for Guidance. Whenever you Sit for Guidance, start with this prayer while your attention rests on your heart: "I now set aside my ego, doubts and fears and put a circle of light around me so that only God's grace can come through. I give thanks in advance for the Divine wisdom that is about to be revealed to me."

13. Living in the light of grace is possible if we face our tikkuns, as they are blocking the full light of grace from shining in our lives. Each time we face a tikkun, it becomes easier next time.


1) Sit for guidance at least 1 time/day between now and next time we’re together. You can ask your higher self/God of your understanding any question you want an answer to or you can simply ask, "What would you like me to know?" You can also do what Napoleon Hill did each morning. He wrote at the top of his page, "God, what are you and I going to create today?"

2) Be aware of those moments where you have a choice to add a veil or remove a veil—and choose to remove one. You can remove the biggest veils by facing your tikkuns.

3) Join our FB community, introduce yourself and share how you're doing with the principles taught each week. To join the FB community, click on the link below and then click on the "join group" button. Because we want this to be a safe place for you to share, we will need to "approve" you as a member. We will try to do it as quickly as possible but it might not be instantaneous (especially in the middle of the night!!).

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03/17 Module 2   (Click/Tap to expand/collapse this toggle.)

Harnessing the Infinite Power of Your Mind

Using tried and true manifestation techniques (some even verified by science) you'll gain the ability to create and un-create whatever you desire. You’ll also learn what you’re doing unconsciously that keeps your good away - and stop doing it. After this module you'll have the ability to live in a state of infinite choice, able to enjoy all the possibilities life has to offer.

Materials for Module 2:

7 Day Mental Diet

7 Day Mental Diet Commitment form

50 Things to Be, Do and Have


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Here is a summary of some of the main points from our session on Harnessing the Infinite Power of Your Mind, as well as the suggested homework:

1. I started by sharing the story of how I began my company 42 years ago and emphasized the mindsets I learned and used from the great Masters of Mindset like Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles, Catherine Ponder and Florence Scovel Shinn in order to create my own success. Here are some of the principles I used:

2. An idea comes to you because it is supposed to be manifested by you! That's why we all have different ideas. The creator whispers into our ear what he/she needs us to do in order for the creation to progress...and at the time in creation that it needs to be done...

3. Everyone has something that wants to come through them into the world. When that dream is revealed to you, your first impulse will be to tell everyone what you're going to do. But what is sacred should be kept secret. Hold that dream inside and let it incubate before you expose it to the world.

4. When you're working away on your dream, one day you're going to be ready to take that big step. You'll know it's time to step out and then your mind will start telling you all the reasons you're not really ready. Don't wait until you think you're ready. You'll never think you're ready.

5. As my friend Bill Baren says,"Our minds are no use to us in the matter of starting that which our hearts know is our path. The mind will come up with excuses, doubts, and countless reasons why you can't and shouldn't do something. Begin because it is the only way. And know that our resistance to doing our soul's work is our signal that we are on the right path. If there's no resistance to the work, you're often skirting around the periphery of your work. Resistance is the friend that arrives when we've hit the bulls-eye."

6. People who change the world don't wait until everything is perfectly in place...Instead, they take a step from which there is no turning back.

7. Don't let fear stop you.

"In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.” ~Theodore Roosevelt

8. People ask if I used visualization to manifest the room being full at my very first Yes to Success presentation. Yes, but I didn't visualize for specific results. I visualized bringing myself into a high vibratory field so then the creator could bring me the perfect outcome.

9. But you can't just visualize, you also need to take action. When someone heard that Jim Carrey had visualized himself as a successful actor, they asked him if that is what he attributed his success to. He said, "I visualized things coming to me because it would make me feel better. But visualization only works if you also work hard. That's the thing. You can't just visualize and then go eat a sandwich."

10. Within less than 3 years, my seminar was being taught on 4 continents - decades before the internet and every goal I had set for myself was falling into place and in July of 1988 I gave it all up when I gave birth to my daughter and I knew that if I was going to be true to my own teaching, the cornerstone of which was to always listen to your inner voice and follow your heart, I knew that my career would have to come to a screeching halt.

11. People asked me if I had gone out of my mind and I said, "Yes, and right into my heart." I believe that ultimately we all have to go out of our minds and be led by our hearts - not only for our own happiness and success but for the survival of our planet.

12. The impulses of your heart are nothing less than your destiny calling you. Don't ignore those impulses. Follow them and I promise you will end up at your ultimate destination. As a matter of fact, it is the only route there.

13.You are a lightworker and the world needs you NOW. If you weren't a light worker, you wouldn't be in this course, you wouldn’t be drawn to this type of teaching.

14. Science has discovered that if we repeat negative behaviors over and over not only do we create neurological pathways of behavior in our brain, but we also become addicted to the brain chemicals that are emitted when we exhibit those behaviors.

15. What we need to do is consciously "cancel” our negative thoughts and words over and over and replace them with words of what we do want to happen until we transform the cellular memory of our unconscious responses and restructure the neural-pathways in the brain.

16. I shared the experience of the day I “died” and what it told me about the power of your thoughts.

17. The 7 Day Mental Diet will help us restructure our neural pathways and we chose to make a commitment to it until next time we’re together.

“I am the greatest. And I said that even before I knew I was.” ~Muhammud Ali

03/24 Module 3   (Click/Tap to expand/collapse this toggle.)

The Role of Goals and the Power of Gratitude

In this module, Debra shares a powerful tool to access your own inner guidance and get clarity about what you were put on earth to Be, Do and Have. You’ll then learn a unique system of setting goals (it’s fun!) and making plans from a place of alignment with your higher self, tapped into Universal Mind.
You’ll also learn techniques for harnessing the power of gratitude to accelerate the fulfillment of your deepest desires.

Materials for Module 3:

Goal Setting Guidelines

5 year goals

5 Year Plans

Lifetime Goals

My Gratitude List


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Click/Tap to view Module 3 Main Points

1. Our FB community is a microcosm of life but it’s a bit safer space to see yourself and to face and overcome your tikkuns….You can observe how you react in the comfort of your own home and feel the contraction if something affects you. Remember to breathe into it, ask the Creator to remove the physical pain, and then ask what it was there to teach you.

2. When you start doing these practices it’s not like from now on everything in your life is going to be rosy. We still have our karma, we have our lessons, we have our tikkuns, and there can still be good days and not so good days…but we’re creating a stream, a flow, in the direction of peace, happiness, and loving what is.

3. We do the 7 day mental diet to create new neural pathways. To harness the true power of your mind you want to establish neural pathways that emit feel-good chemicals when you do a repetitive behavior that is positive and not negative.

4. We're not denying reality when we do the 7 Day Mental Diet but we’re reminding ourselves that we have the power of choice. We can take any situation and find something good and by doing this we become tuning forks that will attract more good into our own lives and through us, the world.

5. So here’s what’s really going on here. You probably already know most of the things I teach…but are you doing them? You know exercise is good for you but knowing it doesn’t build muscle. You know that meditation calms the mind but thinking about how great you’d feel if you meditated is not going to bring you Self-Realization.

6. The structure and support of Yes to Success provides the basis for you to do the things that you know you need to do to have the life you know you can have. Again, ultimately you are the only one who can hold yourself accountable but the group energy is pulling you along like a skein of geese.

7. Now we are going to set some goals: "Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

8. Research has shown that people with clear goals accomplish more in one year than people without accomplish in 5, 10 or even a lifetime.

9. In the famous study at Harvard that was published in the book What They Don't Teach You in the Harvard Business School, author Mark McCormack shares about a study conducted on students in the 1979 Harvard MBA program. In that year, the students were asked, "Have you set clear, written goals for your future and made plans to accomplish them?" Only three percent of the graduates had clear written goals and plans; 13 percent had goals, but they were not in writing; and 84 percent had no specific goals at all.

10. I believe it works that way because your vision has vibrational energy that acts like a magnet drawing your visions to you. It's the law of attraction 101 and it's the basis of success.

11. And not only do we need to have clear goals but we need to write them down because writing helps us to clarify our thoughts so that they become like sharp arrows focused on the target.

12. Also writing down our goals is like putting our order into life. Like you're writing a list to Santa.

13. Success experts all over the world and throughout the ages agree on one thing and that is: You are not capable of having a desire that you are not capable of fulfilling.

14. Emerson: "There is nothing capricious in nature and the implanting of a desire indicates that its gratification is in the constitution of the creature that feel it."

15. If you don't know what your goals are in your career do this: Write down the elements that you want included in your ideal life's work. Write down what you love to do, what makes you happy!

16. A goal is the end vision and the plan is the action steps you'll take to get there.

17. Gratitude is one of the strongest energetic forces in creation and has the power to infinitely increase your success and fulfillment in life.

18. Everything we're given is a gift from the universe, a gift from that force of creation that many people call God, and just as you love to give gifts to others, the universe loves to give gifts to us.

19. I recommend saying "Thank you God" (or Source or Spirit) for everything. I get the perfect parking space, I say, "Thank you God." A new line opens up in the grocery store just as I'm approaching it. I say, "Thank you God."

20. We're going to give thanks for everything large and small AND write those things down throughout the day and at the end of each day on the form called My Gratitude List.

21. We set our goals and then we need to let go...

22. So I invite you now to go back and across the top of your Lifetime Goals and 5 year Goals and Plans and even your 50 Things list write, THIS OR SOMETHING BETTER or “Thank you God (of your understanding) for bringing me This or Something Better.”


1. Continue with the 7 Day Mental Diet (for another angle on the concept of the "Mental Diet" go to and remember to create new neural pathways by cancelling negative thoughts and replacing them with a positive.

2. Continue to Sit for Guidance, highlight the action steps and take them!!

3. Continue to recognize your Tikkuns and face them. Remember you'll be getting a MILLION (spiritual) DOLLARS every time you face a Tikkun.

4. Add to your 50 Things to Have, Be and Do list and refine your Lifetime Goals and 5 Year Goals and Plans

5. Express gratitude throughout the day for the good and the (seemingly) not-so-good...Write down everything you're grateful for throughout the day and each night before you go to bed on your Gratitude List. Start your day with gratitude first thing in the morning!

03/26 Bonus Session with John Newton   (Click/Tap to expand/collapse this toggle.)

Ancestral Clearing
with founder of Health Beyond Belief, John Newton

While in his twenties, John had an awakening that left him in a free-fall of consciousness. Soon after, he was able to enter the ‘gap between thoughts’ at will and for extended periods of time. It is in this state that John is able to remove the blocks and burdens from people’s lives and family lineages. John also assists people in waking up to their true and eternal nature: Consciousness itself. During this LIVE VIDEO event, John will share knowledge of how we can all live lives of true success, do group clearings and work one-on-one with as many individuals as time will allow.

John’s FREE GIFT - a video titled Letting Go of Let Down. It includes several clearings!:

John also offers a free live group session "Ancestral Clearing & Knowledge Call with interactive Q & A" the first week of every month:


Audio Only:

03/31 Module 4   (Click/Tap to expand/collapse this toggle.)

When to Hold On and When to Let Go: Learning to Tap into and Trust Your Intuition

One of the reasons our good doesn’t come to us is we hold on too long to what no longer serves us. During this module, you’ll learn how to discern when you’re holding on from fear and when to let go to create space for your greater good. You’ll also learn techniques for tapping into your intuition and following it without fear. NOTE: We will also continue working on our goals and plans which we began during Week #3.

Materials for Module 4:

One Year Goals

One Year Plans

One Month Goals

One Month Plans

Weekly Goals

Universe To Do List


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Click/Tap to view Module 4 Main Points

Here are some of the brilliant thought starters shared by Ruth Stern for when we Sit for Guidance:

What's essential for me to look at today?

What do I need to know right now for my highest good?

What do I need to know about this situation?

For my highest good, what will be the result if I take this job?

For my highest good, what will be the result of me entering into a relationship with this person?

How can I course correct in this situation?

What do I need to understand?

What’s the right next action to take?

How is this situation serving me?

What am I not seeing?

What do I need to do to heal this situation?

What do I need to know to bring more love into my life?

What can I do to approach this situation with an open heart?

What will help me be more confident?


MAIN POINTS from When to Hold On and When to Let Go: Tapping Into Your Intuition

1. Most goals need a plan. Plans are the steps you take to reach your goal. If you don’t know what the plan is, write, “The perfect plan is revealed to me."

2. Always write on the top of every page: "This or something better." In other words, you’re saying: “These are my goals and this is my plan but if you (Source, Spirit, God) have a better one, I'm always open to letting go of my idea in favor or Yours.”

3. We worked on our 1 Year and 1 Month Goals and Plans. A Goal is your destination. A Plan is what you’re going to do to get there.

“A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action becomes reality.” ~Alicia Keyes

4. Once in a while there is a goal for which there really is no plan or you've tried everything and you don't know what else to do, put that on God's/The Universe's To-Do list.

“Those things you've assigned to the Universe will get done just as fast or even faster than those you've assigned to yourself.” ~Esther Hicks (Abraham)

5. If a member of the Discouragement Committee tries to discourage you, turn it into "Inspirational Dissatisfaction" like Henry Ford did.

6. Setbacks are just set-ups for comebacks. Your goals want you just as much as you want them. The idea came to you, and the idea came with everything you need to manifest it. Everything is inside a seed to becomes an oak tree or an eggplant or a rose and everything you need is in your desire.

7. And yes, there will be obstacles. Welcome to planet earth. I love what Napoleon Hill says in his book Grow rich with peace of mind about obstacles. He says, “When I see an obstacle in my path I never get into this 'Why me?' Attitude, instead I say to it, ‘Well hello there little fellow, I don’t know what lesson you’ve come to teach me but whatever it is I will learn it so well that you will not have to come back a second time.’”

8. Sometimes the darkest hour is just before the dawn. Even if we can't see our goal, it doesn't mean it's not there waiting for you. If you're driving from Chicago to New York and you can't see New York, it doesn't mean New York isn't there. I shared the true story of world-renowned swimmer Florence Chadwick that illustrates this point.

9. Obstacles are always gifts. They are problems only if you choose to look at them as problems.

"There is nothing either good nor bad but thinking makes it so." ~Hamlet

10. Sometimes we want something and we don’t get it and we think God has betrayed us. God never betrays you. God is protecting you. Rejection is God’s protection. If you would have gotten the thing it wouldn’t have been good for you. It would have taken up the space of the better thing that is on it’s way.

11. Remember, when you ask or pray to the creator/source for anything, “Please God may I have this thing,” you will get one of three answers: 1) Yes, here it is; 2) not yet, be patient; or 3) I love you too much to give that to you. There is something better on the way.

12. In all the years that I’ve been teaching these principles of creating true success, perhaps the question I get asked most often is: how do I know when I should hold on to something or someone and when I should let go.

13. The answer is to use your intuition. Intuition is the language of the soul. It’s the voice of God. Pure and simple, the soul (God) wants to get your attention, so it speaks to you through your intuition.

14. If you feel blocked from moving forward in your life, you’re probably not listening to your intuition. When you do, your life flows. The reason we don’t listen is because we think we don’t know the difference between our intuition and feelings like fear. But we do. We’re just afraid of the unknown.

15. When you do what you learn in Yes to Success (e.g., facing your tikkuns and removing veils, having gratitude, cancelling negativity, etc.) you flow more and more in the River of Grace and get more and more spontaneous access to your intuition and fear diminishes.

16. Qualities of your Intuition:

• The voice is Neutral to Positive - It is never angry or harsh (remember it is God speaking to you through your intuition).

• It is Patient and Peaceful – Even when the truth is something you don’t want to hear, there is a sense of peace.

• It is Loving and Non-critical – It will never criticize you. If when you’re Sitting for Guidance, the download is that there is something wrong with you, it’s not your intuition. It’s your ego trying to jump in and join the party.

• It is Consistent and Persistent – The same thought will keep coming back until you listen.

• You have a Sense of Knowing and Being Complete – No rationalizing can undo what you know. It is as certain as the sun rising in the east.

17. The best way to tap into your intuition is Sitting for Guidance. The more you do, the more the intuition muscle is exercised and the more it will be available even in the middle of your day to day activity.

18. Your intuition will tell you when you are holding on because it’s the best thing to do and when you’re simply scared based on the impressions stored from a lifetime of hurts and disappointments. Our minds tell us that a horrible boss, an abusive relationship, a stale friendship is better than no friendship at all because we have memories of loneliness and rejection.

19. But you’re not going to find the love of your life while you stay miserably in a decayed relationship that you know is not adding to your happiness and never will.

20. Here are some questions you can ask yourself when making the decision to stay or go in a relationship, job, business partnership, etc. If you get more than a few “yeses,” it’s time to let go.

1. Is the situation causing me more pain than joy?

2. Does this situation disrupt my inner peace?

3. Have I started becoming resentful?

4. Do I feel unheard or disrespected?

5. Is this situation keeping me back from growing and pursuing my cherished goals?

6. Do I feel exhausted emotionally, spiritualty and/or physically?

7. Have I stopped having fun?

8. Is being in this situation or relationship asking me to compromise my personal values? My vision? My integrity?

9. Does the job or business or relationship or situation demand that I be someone I’m really not?

21. Spiritual teacher Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says, “The definition of a real terrorist is someone who tries to kill your true self.”

22. The first thing you might want to try is Non-Violent Communication from the work of Marshall Rosenberg. It’s basically where you neutrally state how what’s going on effects you (without judgement or blaming the other) and then making a request.

23. If you’ve already exhausted all your efforts – non-violent communication, counseling, coaching, mediation— but everything stays the same or the promises that were made have not been kept, you’re probably living in a dream world if you expect it to change.

24. The good you deserve that’s waiting patiently for you cannot come in unless you let go and show that you trust that we live in a loving and benevolent universe and you will always be taken care of.

25. The Universe rewards the courageous.



1. Continue with the 7 Day Mental Diet

2. Continue to Sit for Guidance and highlight the action steps and take them

3. Continue to recognize your Tikkuns and face them (Remember you'll be getting a MILLION spiritual DOLLARS every time you face one.)

4. Continue to CANCEL negative thoughts and create new neural pathways

5. Add to your 50 Things to Have, Be and Do list and refine/complete your Lifetime Goals, 5 Year Goals and Plans, 1 Year goals and Plans and 1 Month Goals and Plans

5. Put those things you want God to take care of on God’s To Do List.

6. Express gratitude throughout the day for the good and the (seemingly) not-so-good...Write down everything you're grateful for each night on your Gratitude List.

7. Listen to your intuition and start letting go. Be honest with yourself: What are you holding on to that it’s time to let go of? Put the Universe to the test - act on what your intuition tells you and see if miracles don’t unfold...

Click/Tap here for alternate download link in Dropbox.

04/07 Module 5   (Click/Tap to expand/collapse this toggle.)

Creating Flow With Your Time and In Your Environment

Putting off getting yourself organized and de-cluttering your home and workspace is one of the most common ways we postpone our success and happiness. It doesn't have to be a dreaded chore.
Debra will show you how to make de-cluttering fun and easy. She will also show to organize your space so that success can flow in your life. You might end up accomplishing more in a day than you used to in a week so you can rapidly experience fulfillment of your dreams!


Daily Goals

Konmari Declutter List

Weekly Goals



Click/Tap here to view the Chat file.

Audio Only:

Click/Tap to view Module 5 Main Points

MAIN POINTS FROM The Success Magic of Owning Your Time and Clearing Your Space

1. Over the last few weeks we've been breaking our goals down into smaller and smaller chunks from our biggest dreams to our 5 year goals and plans, 1 year goals and plans, and 1 month goals and plans. Now we are going to work on our weekly wins and goals as well as our dailies.

2. We write our Weekly Wins because what we put our attention on grows in our lives and what we appreciate appreciates.

3. We write our Weekly Goals, not only to organize ourselves for the week, but to make sure we are taking steps towards our Monthly Goals. We always have our Monthlies out when we work on our Weeklies.

4. There are numerous reasons to make a list of what you're going to do each day including:

1. When we write, we organize our thoughts so we do more with less effort

2. So we don't forget

3. To free our minds

4. and more...

5. But there is a problem (or as we call it, an opportunity)…almost all list makers make a list of all the things they have to do and they get to work crossing off #1, #2 #3, and the same certain items keep getting transferred from one day to the next to the next.

6. Most of us live by the rule of 80/20. We spend 80% of our time doing the things that get us 20% of the results.

7. The solution is to "eat a frog": Do the most difficult task first. The one that is an energetic block.

8. And because I know you are warriors...I'm going to up the ante. I want you to write down one thing that absolutely scares you and do it today or tomorrow. Because what you are afraid to do is a clear indicator that that is the next thing you need to do to move your life ahead.

9. When you do this thing it will energetically free you so that not only do the other items flow but your life flows.

10. So how do we get other things done most efficiently during the day?

11. According to the Economic Times, 40% of the average person's workday is now consumed by social media and other time-wasting distractions. They recommend using things like posting on Facebook as a reward for putting in concentrated time on productive tasks.

12. One great technique that you can find on the internet is the Pomodoro technique. It's actually a very simple technique that they've made into a whole industry: you give yourself a fixed amount of time to work on a certain project and when the buzzer goes off you have 2 minutes to finish it up and then you get the reward of checking your e-mails or going on Facebook for 5 minutes. (I work for 50 minutes, give myself 5 minutes to finish and 10 minutes to go on social media or answer e-mails.)

13. When you have a self-imposed deadline of 50 or 60 minutes to complete a task and you can not for any reason stop in the middle and check your e-mail or go on Facebook or other social media your productivity sky rockets.

14. Another great website is What you do is sign up and then you give them permission to go into your computer and show you a graph of how much time you spend on e-mail, Facebook, twitter (which will blow your mind when you see how much time you spend!!) and then you pick how much time you want to focus uninterrupted and Rescue Time actually BLOCKS your access to the social media and other sites that you’ve selected for that period of time.

15. What might be the biggest time waster of all is a cluttered workspace or no workspace at all.

16. For maximum productivity, everyone needs their own workspace and it can not double as the kitchen table—and it has to be free from unnecessary clutter since "Success can not flow through disorder."

17. But you need to have everything that would waste your time looking for it elsewhere at your fingertips: scissors, tape, paperclips, postage stamps, all check books, Kleenex…

18. Here is a fun YouTube about what happens is you don’t have what you need at your fingertips:

19. Your desk is not the only space that needs to be clean and clear. According to Feng Shui you are energetically stopping the flow of your good coming to you when there is clutter anywhere in your environment.

20. There have been studies done that when you see clutter it creates chaotic brain wave patterns. You have to clean up your environment in order to clean up the energy for success to come into your life. If your space is filled with clutter it is blocking the energy for new things to come in—like new relationships, or new career opportunities, or new ideas...

21. So for the 35 days, until Yes to Success is done, we are going to declutter our physical space. Each day, beginning today, we will throw away, give away, sell or recycle a minimum of 10 - 15 items. That doesn't mean you have to stop at 10 -15 if your're on a roll but it does mean that you have to do it every day! At the end of the 5 weeks you have de-cluttered at least 350 items! You can do it!!

22. Here are a few other words of wisdome from Marie Kondo, NY Times bestselling author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. 

1. "Only keep only those things that spark joy" (i.e., that you love, that speak to your heart, etc).

2. Hold the item up and ask, "Is this the energy I want to bring into my future?"

3. “If you tidy up in one shot rather than little by little, you can dramatically change your mindset.” That’s why we are doing at least 10 - 15 each day without skipping a day!

4. "Life truly begins after you have put your house in order."

24. Another way you could be blocking your energy for success is by having incompletions in your life. What's an incompletion? Something as small as a book that you borrowed from a friend that you promised you'd return when you were done reading it, but it's still sitting on your shelf 3 years later...Or it could be as large as a misunderstanding that happened 20 years ago, that you haven't yet addressed. It's debts not paid, or debts owed to you that are not acknowledged and every time you're with that person there is a subtle uncomfortable energy in the air. That energy is holding you back.

25. All of these incompletions clutter your energy field and they take up space that your success should be occupying. They're like invisible energetic cords that are holding you back from living the life you deserve. Complete at least one or two incompletions each week.


~Continue facing your tikkuns and moving to the other side

~Continue Sitting for Guidance

~Recommit to the 7 Day Mental Diet until it becomes a way of life

~CANCEL negative thoughts and create new neural pathways

~Visualize what you desire to create - remember to do it with feeling

~Have gratitude for everything! Write on your Gratitude List in the moment and before you go to sleep!

~ Continue refining your BE, DO, HAVE list, Lifetime Goals, 5-Year Goals and Plans, 1-Year Goals and Plans, 1-Month Goals and Plans….

~Add to The Universe’s To Do List

~Listen to your intuition, trust and let go….

~Weekly WINS and Goals, and Daily Goals

~Create a space that says “it’s time to work” when you sit down. Have all supplies handy!

~Throw away, give away or somehow get rid of a minimum of 10 - 15 items a day for the next 35 days (can be more)

~ Complete at least one or two incompletions this week (and every week during our time together)

04/14 Module 6   (Click/Tap to expand/collapse this toggle.)

The Success Magic of Clearing Your Heart 

Each one of us came into this life with what is called in the ancient Kabbalistic texts “tikkuns.” Tikkun literally means “repair,” and are those personal traits we came into this life needing to correct or repair. Debra will help you discover your tikkuns and support you in the process of "repairing" them so they don't have to keep showing up in your life and blocking you from success, happiness and love.
Debra will also share powerful techniques to open your heart and heal your heart to make way for loving relationships and more importantly, love of self.


There are no materials for this week.


Click/Tap here to view the Chat file.

Audio Only:

Click/Tap to view Module 6 Main Points

1. Saying yes when you’re feeling no wastes your most precious possession, your time. You’re also probably going to end up feeling some degree of resentment about doing whatever it is that you've agreed to. 

2. If the thought of saying no makes you really uncomfortable, start with little things like, when you walk through the department store and the perfume demonstrator asks if you want a spritz, and in a very nice way you can say: "No thank you. I'm sure it's lovely, but not today."

3. Another baby step is if somebody calls you asking for a donation to a cause, instead of being rude like they expect you to be, say something like: "I'm really not interested right now, But I know you have such a hard job and I wish you great success tonight.” They won’t believe you just wished them something nice while you’re saying no and usually they’ll say something back like, "Wow thanks, that's so nice of you!"  You said no and you made their day.  It’s called “saying no with a yes attitude."

4.  Here is your homework between now and the next week: sayno to at least one thing a day.  Just one thing that you genuinely want to say no to. There might be a feeling of contraction at the moment but just breath into it and notice how empowered you feel on the other side. 

The art of leadership is not about saying yes.
It's about saying no. It's very easy to say yes.
~Tony Blair

5.  Now some ways we're going to start clearing the emotional clutter and freeing our hearts...

6.  One of the ways we clutter our lives and hold ourselves back from success is by lack of forgiveness. When you haven't forgiven someone it keeps you out of alignment with your highest good. It's as though there's a hard shell around you that other people's love can not penetrate. 

7.  When you practice forgiveness you unblock your heart and you are able to truly love and be loved. When what you feel the other person did is no longer filling the emotional spaces of your life, success can now show up.  

8.  One of the most powerful forgiveness techniques that I've ever come across is called the Ho'oponopono. The Ho'oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian Kauhuna practice of reconciliation and forgiveness.

9.  I shared the history of the Ho'oponopono practice which consists of 4 sentences: 

I'm sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.
I love you.

These sentences are repeated in a specific way.

10.  The goal is not to heal your relationship with that person or turn the situation around but rather to heal the part of you that is taking responsibility for not only the situation but everything that is happening to you and even in the world.

11.  It doesn't matter whether you are the perceived injured party or the person who did the perceived injuring; when you shift your own energy, it shifts the energy of the relationship. Ho'oponopono allows you to bring the vibration of pure forgiveness into any situation.

12.  I shared a powerful story of forgiveness and then offered a direct experience of what happens when we forgive and let go. Sometimes we discover there was nothing to forgive and that we are all blameless and that includes you.

Forgiveness is about setting the prisoner free and discovering the prisoner was you.


Between now and the time we're together…

~Continue facing your tikkuns (remember you get a million spiritual dollars every time you face one!

~Continue Sitting for Guidance

~Recommit to the 7 Day Mental Diet until it becomes a way of life

~CANCEL negative thoughts and create new neural pathways

~Visualize what you desire to create - remember to do it with feeling

~Have gratitude for everything!  Write on your Gratitude List

~ Continue refining your BE, DO, HAVE list, Lifetime Goals, 5-Year Goals and Plans, 1-Year Goals and Plans, 1-Month Goals and Plans….

~Add to The Universe’s/God’s To Do List

~Listen to your intuition and let go….

~Continue with 27/9 and completing your Incompletions

~Say “No” at least once a day

~Practice the Ho’oponopono    

And do it all with ease, joy and gratitude!

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04/16 Bonus Session with Ronnie Newman   (Click/Tap to expand/collapse this toggle.)

Anti-aging for Your Body, Your Brain, Your Future

Ronnie Newman is an award winning, Harvard University trained researcher, educator and published author in the field of Mind/Body and anti-aging medicine. She is a popular faculty member of Nova Southeastern University’s Lifelong Learning Institute, and was a featured scientist in the epic documentary The Truth about Alzheimer’s and Memory Loss, which has been viewed in 115 countries.

Ronnie has spoken internationally on maximizing lifelong brain power and healthy aging at the United Nations, National Institutes of Mental Health, and the FDA. She has been interviewed on NBC, PBS and CNN International, and has been quoted by such diverse media as Prevention Magazine and US News and World Report.

Debra and Ronnie together will share their most effective anti-aging secrets and Ronnie will share the science that supports them.


Click/Tap here to view the Chat file.

Audio Only:

04/22 Module 7  (Click/Tap to expand/collapse this toggle.)

Opening the Floodgates of Abundance

Debra will show you infallible ways to stimulate the flow of abundance. You can have all the beautiful cars, luxury vacations (or peaceful retreats), money to play with (and more to give away) than you can imagine. It's not really difficult if you know the mechanics of creating from Source... And more importantly, you'll learn to live in a state of existence that if you lost it all tomorrow, it would hardly be a blip on the screen of your happiness and peace of mind. You might even say thank you to the universe…. You'll learn why and how...and you’ll hear Debra's own inspiring story.


There are no additional materials for this week.


Click/Tap here to view the Chat file.

Audio Only:

Click/Tap to view Module 7 Main Points

MAIN POINTS FROM our session on the Opening the Floodgates of Abundance

1. I began the session with this quote from the bible: And the righteous shall flourish like the palm trees and grow like the cedars in Lebanon.

2. The word righteousness comes from the Greek for "right way" or "right way-ness." So what God, the father, is saying is that the people will flourish who live in the right way. What is the right way? Simply being good, loving, kind people like all of you. That is what allows you to live in abundance.

3. And THEN God, the father, goes on to say: All that I have is yours.

4. It doesn't say, "Some of what I have is yours." No, it says, "ALL that I have is YOURS." So if we're not enjoying it all, we must be somehow stopping the flow. How?

5. Every word we speak, and every thought we think, and every action we take either puts a barrier between us and that flow of abundance or removes a barrier between us and the flow.

6. It doesn't matter how much money you have in the bank because poverty and prosperity don't so much live in the pocket book as they live where? In the heart and mind…or I say, in your consciousness.

7. So since abundance lives in your consciousness, this is where we're going to start uncreating poverty consciousness, and creating prosperity consciousness.

8. All you need to do is to change what you are vibrating so that you vibrate wealth into your life. It would be nice if we could just visualize or pray or raise up our hands and all the money would flow to us but changing your vibration takes some work.

9. I offered a few suggestions of how you can change your vibration so you become an abundance magnet.

10. #1: Surprise. Surprise. Stop talking about how poor you are! No more statements like, "I can hardly pay my mortgage," or "I'll never get out of debt," or "I think my wealthy days are over. I can't even afford a new pair of jeans."

11. How does it feel in your body when you make a statement of lack? Contracted? Negativity contracts you and stops the light from flowing. Feel where the statement contracts you in your body and breath into the contraction. Say to that statement, “You are not welcomed here.” Then replace it with an abundance statement.

12. And don't talk about your financial situation...Do you really want people to think thoughts about you like, "There goes that poor June, she is sooooo far in debt"?

13. Remember my emergency room experience and how OTHER people’s thoughts effected ME.

14. Clean up your language and when you hear yourself making any sort of poverty statement whatsoever say CANCEL and replace it with a vibration of positive expectation.

15. #2: Surprise again, not only do we need to stop complaining about what we don't have, we need to start appreciating what we do have.

16.Take regular appreciation breaks throughout the day. To raise your vibration to one that opens you to prosperity.

17. Money itself likes to be appreciated. Your purchase like to be appreciated... Instead of "I spent and now I have less," try, "I spent and look at the glorious purchases I now have!” What we appreciate, appreciates.

18. #3 The next way to energetically become a money magnet is to rejoice in the wealth and the success of others.

19. Whenever you see someone who has something that you want or they have more than what you have; instead of mumbling under your breath about what a jerk they are, instead rejoice in their success. Send them love from your heart to theirs.

20. And the truth is that you probably wouldn't have even seen it or heard about another person's good if the same or something better wasn't available to come your way. You've become a vibrational match to that good and that's why it's in your energy field but you have to take the next step for it to come into your life.

21. When you start to criticize someone or feel ill towards someone because they have good fortune, you not only wish them abundance and happiness from your heart and then say, "And that's for me."

22. One final key: make sure you are using what you have now for the right reasons - to use what you have to do good.

23. If you don't share you'll have the thing, but you won't have the happiness.

24. Whatever you think the Universe is withholding from you is really what you're withholding from the Universe.

26. I ended with an explanation of the power of the tithe. When you give your tithe create a prayer or intention. Here is mine: “This is a gift I am giving to the God of my understanding in appreciation for all the glory in my life. May it multiply and bless everyone it touches.”


"The difference between successful people and really successful people, is that really successful people say no to almost everything.” ~Warren Buffet

"And the righteous shall flourish like the palm trees and grow like the cedars in Lebanon.” ~Bible

"And thou shalt decree a thing and it shall be added unto you.” ~Bible

"Joy is what happens to us when we allow our self to recognize how good things really are.” ~Marianne Williamson

"Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.” ~Bible

"Do not your alms before men to be seen by them, otherwise you will have no reward from your father who is in heaven. So when you do your alms, do not sound a trumpet before you as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, so that they have the honor of men. Truly I say to you then they have their reward in full. But when you give do not let your left hand know what your right had doeth, and then you will have your reward from your father who is in heaven.” ~Bible

There is a lie that acts like a virus within the mind of humanity. And that lie is, ‘There’s not enough good to go around. There’s lack and there’s limitation and there’s not enough good.’ Well the truth is that there’s more than enough good to go around. There's more than enough creative ideas. There's more than enough power. There's more than enough love. There’s more than enough joy. There really is enough for everyone. And if you believe it, if you can see it, if you act from it, it's going to show up for you. That is the truth.” ~Michael Beckwith


  • Say "no” on a regular basis.
  • Practice the Ho'oponopono at every opportunity.
  • Continue completing at least one incompletion each week.
  • Clear 10 -15 items/day, every day until we're done with YTS!
  • Continue with the 7 Day Mental Diet.
  • Continue to Sit for Guidance and highlight the action steps and take them.
  • Continue to recognize your Tikkuns and face them (Remember you'll be getting a MILLION [spiritual] dollars every time you face one)!!
  • Add to your 50 Things to Have, Be and Do list and refine your Lifetime Goals, 5 Year Goals and Plans, 1 Year and 1 Month Goals and Plans.
  • Express gratitude throughout the day for the good and the (seemingly) not-so-good...Write down everything you're grateful for each night on your Gratitude List.
  • Continue writing your Weekly Goals and Weekly WINS.
  • Write your monthly Goals and Plans on May 1st.
  • Pick at least one prosperity practice every day or every couple days to add to your daily routine.

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04/29 Module 8  (Click/Tap to expand/collapse this toggle.)

Creating Vibrant Health and Reversing the Aging Process

From her over 45 years of studying health and fitness, Debra will share life-changing knowledge and tools to ensure that you now live with radiant good health, a body you love, unlimited energy and a crystal clear mind. (Yep, say goodbye to, "What was I going to say?" and, "What did I come in this room for?”) And Debra makes everything from daily exercise to eating your greens, from drinking enough fluids to getting the right amount and quality of sleep fun and easy to implement into your daily routine. You do NOT want to miss the life-changing info in this module.


There are no additional materials for this week.


Click/Tap here to view the Chat file.

Audio Only:

Click/Tap to view Module 8 Main Points


1. I shared one more technique about how to open the floodgates of abundance by first locating in the body where you feel the lack and how to transmute it.

2. We are becoming new humans. The light that is pouring on to the earth at this time is changing our cellular structure. Our bodies need to be healthy to hold the light and to be vessels for light and true success to flow through.

3. Just as Mother Earth is experiencing upheavals as she releases and purifies toxins that have been put into her, you may also be experiencing purification in the form of inexplicable aches and pains.

4. As a Light Worker, your body is becoming more refined and aligned with a higher vibration of love. Anything that does not vibrate with love and light will begin to be purified out.

5. You also might notice that you are spontaneously attracted to what vibrates at a higher level including your food choices.

6. Some areas that I covered:

  • Eating food closest to the form it is found in nature - fresh and raw - rather than cooked, frozen, microwaved, refrigerated and microwaved again.
  • Why we eat lower on the food chain for optimum health including more fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains and healthy fats. Even the American Dietetic Association is touting a vegetarian diet as providing not only adequate nutrition but benefits in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases (many of which have been linked to the consumption of red meat).
  • Why organic is healthier and more nutritious.
  • New frightening facts about sugar and artificial sweeteners.
  • The dangers of artificial sweeteners like aspartame (NutraSweet and Equal) and sucralose (Splenda) and what you can use as healthier substitutes.
  • What are Recumbent Bovine Growth Hormones (rBGH) and GMO's and why they are not safe.
  • The necessity of keeping hydrated.

7. Another “symptom” of this shift to bringing in more light is people are reporting feeling spacey or anxious. I shared several ways to ground yourself and taught a breathing technique for peace and coherence.

8. Exercising in a way you enjoy not only creates a stronger physiology but also grounds you and brings greater mental clarity, a more positive mood and even slows down the aging process.

9. I also shared energetic practical ways to purify and balance the environment inside our homes by having only non-toxic cleaning and personal care products for our own well-being and that of our children and pets.

10. The transformation into Light will be gradual but inevitable. The ease with which it happens depends on how much personal responsibility you choose to take.


Here is the link to Dr. Katherine Reid’s TEDx and her website:

Here is a link to the website of GMO expert Jeffrey Smith: Here is the link to his movie, Genetic Roulette:  The Gamble of Our Life:


05/05 Module 9  (Click/Tap to expand/collapse this toggle.)

Module 9: YOU Have the Power to Change the World

We live in unprecedented times that are calling on us to fearlessly stand up for our beliefs. The world needs you now more than ever before. You are powerful beyond measure.... and you have the power to bring about world peace. And that is you, singular. Really. You do. In this module Debra will show you how. The world needs you - NOW.


There are no additional materials for this week.


Click/Tap here to view the Chat file.

Audio Only:

Click/Tap to view Module 9 Main Points


1. This has been an unusually challenging and divisive time in the world and especially in the US, with a lot of emotional turmoil being experienced.

2. Here is what I know...ultimately good WILL come from all the current upheavals. We live in a benevolent universe, so everything must be ultimately for good.

3. The bottom line is that each of us has the power to change the world.  We are much more powerful than we know. We just have to use our tools.

4.  Masaru Emoto, a Japanese researcher and author of Messages from Water, proved that every word we speak, every thought we think and even everything we type has an effect on water...which makes up about 80% of the earth. Thus, even our positive or negative thoughts physically effect the energy of 80% of the planet. 

5.  One way to switch up our energy is by doing the 3 Good Things process - and just put your attention on the good that is always there.

6. There is a story in Kabala about the scales of justice and how Rabbi Ashlag showed that every one of our actions contributes to the ushering in of either an age of Enlightenment or an age of destruction.

7.  If you need help, call on your angels.

8. Another thing we can do when feeling fear or doubt is I ask the questions I learned in a body of knowledge called Access Consciousness: "What is right about this that I'm not getting?” and, "How can this turn out better than I can even imagine?"

9. You might not get an answer but it pulls you out of the abyss. Access Consciousness is not about an answer but about living in the question.

10.  One of my favorite ways of bringing in the light is to never forget that every human being is created in the image and likeness of God. The Creator loves us all so if we want to be like the creator we must look past prejudices and differences and see that each of us is God in a different form.

18. The real reason we are here is to serve, to reach out, to share and to love. It’s the only thing that will bring us true happiness and align us with that vibration of light and collectively change the world.

19. Science has proven that if you are in pain or experiencing obstacles, acts of loving kindness can actually diminish the pain. Also, when you take your attention off of what’s wrong and put your attention on giving, you are bathed in the light that dissolves the obstacles.

05/07 Bonus Q&A with Debra   (Click/Tap to expand/collapse this toggle.)

Special Session of Live 90-minutes of Q&A
with Debra Poneman

During this 90 minute bonus session, Debra will answer live questions and provide individual laser coaching, so come prepared with your questions!


Click/Tap here to view the Chat file.

Audio Only:

05/12 Module 10  (Click/Tap to expand/collapse this toggle.)

Living True Spirituality For Your Ultimate Life 

In this module we will celebrate our transformations (Remember what Oprah says: "The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”)
We will also discover that we are all on a spiritual path whether or not we choose to call it that. The role of a spiritual path is not to have isolated spiritual experiences or even to be happy. It is to live and to serve guided by the highest vibration of love at every moment. True happiness and success cannot be dependent on anything outside yourself. Learn how to create success and happiness from the inside out and experience the kind of inner silence that never goes away.


There are no additional materials for this week.


Click/Tap here to view the Chat file.

Audio Only:

Click/Tap to view Module 10 Main Points


  1. Congratulations!! You did it!! Even if you didn't accomplish all of your intended goals, choose to put your attention on what you have accomplished and be grateful for that. Remember..."What we put our attention on grows in our lives," and "what we appreciate appreciates."
  2. It's natural that there will be set backs since we’re changing behaviors that are deeply engrained but a setback is just a setup for a comeback!
  3. Emotional “pain" is a part of personal growth. It shows us where we need to do our work. If we give thanks, the gift will reveal itself more quickly. One of the greatest gifts of hurting is that the pain itself purges the ego.
  4. Both physical and emotional pain have the ability to make you let go of who you think you should be in order for you to be who you really are. When you’re suffering, the true self emerges, the one with no defenses - the real you, not the personality you. When you suffer, the personality gets destroyed but the person gets stronger.
  5. You are all on a spiritual path whether or not you choose to call it that. The role of a spiritual path is not to have isolated experiences or even to be happy. It is to live and to serve - guided by the highest vibration of love at every moment.
  6. There is a lot more going on at this time - the most auspicious time to ever be alive.We volunteered to come to earth at this time knowing that there would be great challenges and knowing that we could help.
  7. Patricia Cota Robles says that many thousands were turned away in their quest to be on earth at this time and that everyone who was accepted to be here is here because we were the ones who had a better chance of staying focused on the light and seeing ways to bring in more light.
  8. I recommend that you not use your spiritual tools for small material or even emotional gain. Now is the time to no longer live for the self alone. It is no longer the time of “I” but the time of “we.”
  9. I saw over the last 40 years of teaching these principles that when people got what they thought they wanted to feel successful and happy, it not only did not make them happier but often they became more unhappy because they had held out the belief that when they got that thing - the job, the money, the fame, the soulmate - all would be well. But it wasn't so they tried for something else and it still didn’t bring more happiness or fulfillment…Chasing the dream turned into an endless nightmare of disappointment.
  10. There is a “field" beyond happy and sad, right and wrong, good and bad…where we enjoy life with no expectations and are no longer attached to outcomes but to the journey alone.
  11. Some call it a field of unbounded love or Divine Grace. Some say that when we live from that place we are self-realized or Enlightened.
  12. You incarnated at this time because it is your birthright to live there and you don’t need to worship a guru or need any intermediary to get you there. If you’re going to worship someone, worship yourself.
  13. Are there ways to speed your journey to Enlightenment? I’m not sure.
  14. I am sure that there are things we can do to arrive at and live in that field that is beyond pain and pleasure, but the moment of our ultimate Self-Realization, our Enlightenment is in the hands of the Creator/God/Spirit.
  15. However, if we use the tools shared in Yes to Success and love what is at every moment, the journey to that Self-Realization will be one filled with joy and inner peace.