Yes To Success - Debra Poneman

In the winter of 1980, while working as an account executive for an LA investment company, Debra attended a seminar entitled, "Money Magic." Thinking she was walking into another dry financial tutorial, she sat transfixed as the seminar leader shared radical ideas about how prosperity is really created – ideas that had nothing to do with working hard or investing wisely but rather using energetic tools like the now popular “Law of Attraction.” Feeling as if every fiber of her being was resonating with the seminar leader's words, she knew that night that her life's work was to share these principles with the world.

The next morning she quit her job and spent the next several months studying the laws of true success and prosperity as expounded on by icons of western “metaphysical” thought such as Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles, Earl Nightengale and Florence Shin. In early 1981, she founded Yes to Success Seminars, Inc., a company dedicated to teaching enlightened, timeless principles of success and prosperity – in modern day language.

By 1983, Debra's seminar was being taught in over a dozen major US cities. By 1984 she had reps teaching her ever-growing body of knowledge in seven countries on four continents - decades before the internet made international communication instantaneous.

Debra soon became a favorite talk show guest and appeared on radio and TV and in print media from coast to coast. As a corporate trainer and sought-after speaker, her client list included Mattel Toys, McDonnell Douglas, the Xerox Management group, International Trade Management, Women in Management, Women in Banking, Business and Professional Women, YPO Spouses and more.

Her seminar was the launching pad for many now-renown transformational leaders including Deepak Chopra,  Marci Shimoff, Janet Attwood, and Extreme Leadership’s Steve Farber.

By 1987 she was being represented by a top literary agent who had garnered interested from several major NY publishing houses.  She was also in the middle of negotiations for her own day-time talk show.

In 1988, her world stopped when the mid-wife handed Debra her new baby girl, and being true to her own teachings, she chose to follow her heart and left the world of seminars and speaking.  For the next two decades Debra devoted her life to being a full-time mom-at-home to her daughter and her son who was born three years later.

Although she fit in an occasional keynote, wrote a book on how to cook for your vegetarian children as well as the best-selling Chicken Soup for the American Idol Soul, she only worked when there were no basketball games to cheer at, recitals to attend, or birthday parties to throw--and she was almost always home to tuck her children in bed, read them a story and kiss them good night.

With her baby girl now a doctor of chiropractic and her son a documentary film maker, community organizer and NBA agent, Debra is back to share the timeless principles of her Yes to Success Seminars so that we can all say yes to a life of true, profound and lasting success. Adding richness to her already vast wisdom is the profound and invaluable insights into the human spirit that she gained from being a mom.

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