Anti-Aging Secrets for 
Your Brain, Your Body
and Your Future

with Debra Poneman
& Ronnie Newman

Module 1— Welcome
Slowing and Reversing Brain Decline

Module 2—
Your Sleep, Your Happiness, Your Longevity

Module 3—
Diet, Brain and Heart Health

Module 4 - 
Exercise and the Breath for Lifelong Longevity

Module 5 -
The Little Known Silent Destroyers of Your Brain and Your Health

Module 6 -
Using Your Thoughts to Create Your Future

Bonus with Tristan & Sabrina Truscott
The Satori Method for Lifelong Vibrant Health, Strength and Happiness

Bonus with Michael & Robin Mastro
Unblocking Success, Abundance, Love and Ageless Radiance Through the Ancient Vedic Art of Vastu Shastra

Yoga Nidra

Pancha Kosha Meditation

Sukshma Yoga

Super Brain Yoga

Nadi Shodhana Pranayama

Lymph Brushing

Abhyanga Oil Massage

Other Resources

Ageless Lifestyle Tip - Hydration

Ageless Introductory Video

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