Anti-Aging Secrets for 
Your Brain, Your Body
and Your Future

with Debra Poneman
& Ronnie Newman

If there were an efficient, easy, scientifically verified way for you to attain...

  • a vital, fit body
  • a crystal clear brain
  • blissful, rejuvenating sleep
  • a strong libido
  • a reliably solid memory
  • radiant skin and healthy hair
  • boundless energy and vitality
  • and the serenity you long for, at any age...

Would you join us for six 90-minute sessions to learn how?

On June 29th & 30th, we will be sharing

Ancient Wellness Techniques validated by modern science so that you can live with zest and passion into your 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond.

Your guides on this journey

Debra Poneman has been teaching meditation and her Yes to Success courses around the world for over 45 years. Tens of thousands have benefitted from her knowledge and techniques on how to live an optimally successful, healthy, and happy outer life on a foundation of profound inner silence. 

Ronnie Newman is an award winning Harvard-trained mind/body researcher with decades of experience lecturing and teaching around the world. Ronnie has been published in numerous peer-reviewed journals on the power of meditation, the breath and other modalities to decrease stress and increase happiness, clarity, and longevity and slow down and even reverse mental and physical decline.

As Big Pharma races for the cure for age-related degeneration, we now know that memory loss, physical decline and even dementia are multi-faceted disorders and that they can be reversed by changes in life-style. We will show you how to make those changes during this dynamic and interactive 2-day course.

"Professor Newman's classes are a must for anyone interested in empowering themselves through knowledge in health, vitality and anti-aging. Her lively and dynamic delivery makes this knowledge easy to absorb and apply. I highly recommend her classes for everyone interested in achieving the best health possible."

Aditi Dave, M.D.
Integrative Medicine Consultant, Internal Medicine
Wake Forest School of Medicine
Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine Fellow

"Of all the teachers we have access to, one extraordinary woman stands out amongst the crowd. Master mentor Debra Poneman leads the way to continual inspiration and success beyond what you can imagine. I’ve seen first-hand how the depth of her knowledge, the wealth of her wisdom, the vastness of her love, the breadth of her humor and the contagiousness of her joy can and will inspire you to say YES to a life beyond what you can even now imagine."

Katherine Woodward Thomas
NY Times bestselling author, Conscious Uncoupling and Calling in the One

"Ronnie Newman delivers a highly effective, easy to implement roadmap for lifelong health and vitality, based upon cutting edge science. Delivered with
warmth and clarity, it’s pure excellence from start to finish."

Philip Lichtenfeld, M.D.
Medical Director, Encino Physicians Medical Group
California, USA

"Debra Poneman’s presentation brought tears to my eyes and laughter to my heart. Her words have changed my life forever. What she shares is both powerfully informative and profoundly inspirational."

John Gray
#1 NY Times bestselling author, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

Module 1—Welcome
Slowing and Reversing Brain Decline

In this session you'll learn:

  • How brain decline can be slowed, stopped and even reversed… YES reversed
  • The hidden destroyers of your brain and how to optimize brainpower even in the midst of stress
  • Learn a powerful meditation for brain health and longevity
  • Discover what you can do starting today to ensure:

  • Sharper Recall
  • Improved focus
  • Better long and short term memory
  • Enhanced problem-solving skills
  • Greater creativity
  • and decrease 6 of the 7 major risk factors for dementia

We will also share the scientifically validated secrets to growing a bigger brain at any age. Did you know that size matters? :) And brain deterioration begins around age 27… and by age 40, your brain shrink at 5% per decade?!?

Module 2
Your Sleep, Your Happiness, Your Longevity

In this session you'll learn:

  • The secrets to deep, rejuvenating sleep
  • How to counteract the sobering neuroscience discovery that the restorative function of sleep decreases with age and instead get deep, restful, rejuvinating, delicious sleep every night!
  • How quality and length of sleep is linked to vitality and athletic performance—even in top professional athletes-and what to do to sleep uninterrupted through the night!
  • How to calm the stress response when feeling anxious about anything past, present or future and elevate your mood and happiness
  • New natural breakthroughs in alleviating depression

We will also share what the ancient science of Vastu (predates Feng Shui) says about how to get the deepest sleep and wake up refreshed, rejuvenated and happy. 

Module 3
Diet, Brain and Heart Health

In this session you'll learn:

  • How brain health is as dependent on our food choices is heart health
  • Which everyday foods enhance your clarity, vitality, and immunity and slow down the aging process
  • Which foods and additives damage our brains, impairing memory and leading to the “why did I come in this room?” syndrome
  • What foods to avoid if you want to have a strong, youthful body and more glowing, radiant skin at every age
  • Ancient Ayurvedic techniques to balance the body and live in harmony with the seasons 

We will also cover questions like…Are coffee and chocolate really anti-aging? What are your thoughts about gluten? 

Module 4
Exercise and the Breath for Lifelong Vitality

In this session you'll learn:

  • Which exercise systems are most helpful and which actually cause aging
  • How to unlock endless vitality – you only need the combination…
  • Scientifically validated simple yoga techniques to reverse the aging of the brain and body
  • Scientifically validated, ancient breath techniques that are the quickest way to eliminate stress and rebalance the nervous system
  • An amazingly simple technique to boost your energy levels - and you can do it anywhere, any time!

What the cutting edge field of epigenetics has uncovered about our power to change the expression of our genetic code. (Just because your mother and your grandmother had it, doesn’t mean you have to!)

Module 5
The Little-Known Silent Destroyers of Your Brain and Your Health

In this session you'll learn:

  • The insidious nature of EMF’s and 5G to wreak havoc on your brain and your body and what are the remedies
  • How to protect the healthy development of your children and grandchildren (including their sensitive brains) in our modern electronic world
  • How toxic household cleaners and personal care products in your home affect the brain, body and longevity and safe alternatives 
  • How detox and longevity techniques used in ancient India can preserve our youthful skin, hair and overall health

We'll also demo ancient techniques such as "abhyanga" oil massage and protocols like lymphatic dry brushing to eliminate toxins from our bodies. 

Module 6
Using Your Thoughts to Create Your Future (and the next steps)

In this session you'll learn:

  • How your thoughts shape your brain, your body and your future
  • What has influence over our emotions-and what we can actually control
  • How to be resiliently joyful—regardless of outer circumstances
  • How to supercharge the energy behind your desires for more powerful manifestation
  • What neuroscience has discovered about how to train your brain to be happy
  • The anti-aging effect of having goals

We will also share how to use your mind to slow down aging and have the glorious future you deserve. 

Saturday & Sunday, June 29th & 30th

9am-12pm and 1:00pm-3:00pm Pacific
12-3pm and 4:00pm-6:00pm Eastern

Private Facebook Group

We will also have a private Facebook community to share your progress with one another and for us to visit and give additional knowledge and encouragement!!

"Ageless is the best class on health and longevity I've ever taken. Debra and Ronnie share essential science-based information that will help you and your loved ones live long and healthy lives. You'll walk away with a treasure trove of advice and tools to move your health forward powerfully and effectively.  The section on radiation protection alone was worth the price of admission! Happily, my home and family are now more protected from harmful radiation than ever before. ‘Ageless’ is a class EVERYONE needs to take. "

Karen Abrams
Theta Healer

"It's one thing to find information about maintaining your health and it's an entirely different thing to trust the source of that information and feel personally supported by that sourceDebra and Ronnie provide a level of care and support that fills the gaps between our doctors, our therapists, our homeopaths, the gym, our church and our families and friends. They are helping people care for themselves in constructive, meaningful ways that supports us to live the lives we know we are meant to and in excellent health!"

Kate Winston

"I implemented the suggestions around improving sleep and I now fall asleep much faster, stay asleep the entire night and wake up rested.  Just that section of the course alone was completely life-changing and worth 10 times what I paid.  Thank you Ronnie and Debra! "

Sabrina Martinez
Healthcare Worker

"I'd been trying to quit eating sugar for years. Your Ageless course enabled me to finally do it! If I have a bit of back-sliding, following your suggestions help me get right back on track. As a result the improvement in my health and vitality are amazing! I am forever grateful to you, Debra and Ronnie."

Elaine Robbins
Retired school teacher

"From start to finish Ageless was jaw dropping!  I couldn't believe how much great information Debra and Ronnie provided.  Interesting, doable, and well documented hacks, tips and resources that I could put to use immediately.  I saw positive changes right from the first night!  Oh, and did I mention that it was fun?"

Sydney Shepperd

"There was so much wisdom and practical advice in this course! I especially loved the parts on how to improve our memory and the section on nutrition for the brain! I'm so glad I registered for it!  It was truly life-changing."

Joseph Bennett
Sublime Design

Plus Spend the Morning with Debra and Ronnie 
Saturday, August 3rd at 9 am Pacific/12 noon Eastern

After one month of incorporating the Ageless tools into your daily life, it's time for a check-in and review.  Besides the live Q&A, we will offer new knowledge including: 

  • How to utilize the knowledge of Ayurveda - a natural system of health that originated in India more than 3000 years ago - to maximize our longevity
  • Is a vegetarian diet healthier than a meat-based diet?
  • Is Intermittent fasting really a healthy miracle? Is 10 hours enough? Is 16 hours too long?  
  • More recommendations for healthy, youthful skin and hair
  • How to do Ayurvedic self-massage called abhyanga to strengthen all of the systems of the body
  • And so much more!

Special Home Harmonizing Event
Monday, July 8th at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT

Unblocking Success, Abundance, Love and Ageless Radiance through the Ancient Art and Science of Vastu Shastra
with Vastu Masters Robin and Michael Mastro

For over 40 years, Robin and Michael have been considered two of the world’s leading experts on Vastu Shastra, a powerful system predating feng shui science that shows you how to arrange your home for maximum success and wellness.  Knowing how to set up a proper “Vastu” environment in your home and/or office creates the energy that allows wealth to flow, relationships to thrive, and good health to radiate. Robin and Michael have brought the benefits of Vastu to thousands of personal clients around the world as well as corporate clients including Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon, NASA, The World Bank, Oracle, and Nordstrom.

Special Anti-Aging Movement Event
Saturday, July 13th at 12 Noon ET/9 am PT

Pain Free Back
with Esther Gokhale

Esther Gokhale, creator of the Gokhale Method, the #1-rated intervention for lower back pain according to Health Outcomes, will be sharing with us how to decompress our spinal discs, tissues, and nerves, and rejuvenate your body. We will also practice techniques in real time that will stabilize, un-hunch, and lengthen our spines.

The great news is that what was thought to be impossible—
something that no drug has ever been able to give us in spite of
billions being spent on research—is now a reality. You can slow
down and even reverse the aging of the brain and the body. And
it’s not because of an expensive drug with untold side effects that
are often worse than the cure, but through simple, natural
modalities that are available to everyone.

We will make it fun and simple to implement our knowledge and
techniques into your daily life. Exercise can be enjoyable. Eating
for longevity can be delicious. Improving your memory can be
effortless...when you learn our scientifically proven methods.

Saturday & Sunday, June 29th & June 30th

9am-12pm and 1:00pm-3:00pm Pacific
12-3pm and 4:00pm-6:00pm Eastern

Due to the program being in a weekend format, if I decide the program is not for me, I must submit my refund request in writing to by the end of the second day of Ageless, Anti-Aging Secrets for Your Brain, Your Body, and Your Future, which is Sunday, June 30th. I must have attended all of the weekend sessions to be eligible for a refund. Exceptions to this policy can be made for individuals unable to attend live due to time zone or other conflicts. Please write to to state reason for request of exception.

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