Anti-Aging Secrets for 
Your Brain, Your Body
and Your Future

with Debra Poneman
& Ronnie Newman

Your Ageless Journey Continues...

Spend the Morning with Debra and Ronnie
Saturday, July 15th at 9 am Pacific/12 noon Eastern

After one month of incorporating the Ageless tools into your daily life, it's time for a check-in and review.  Besides the live Q&A, we will offer new knowledge including: 

  • How to utilize the knowledge of Ayurveda - a natural system of health that originated in India more than 3000 years ago - to maximize our longevity
  • Is a vegetarian diet healthier than a meat-based diet?
  • Is Intermittent fasting really a healthy miracle? Is 10 hours enough? Is 16 hours too long?  
  • More recommendations for healthy, youthful skin and hair
  • How to do Ayurvedic self-massage called abhyanga to strengthen all of the systems of the body
  • And so much more!

Healing Music Event
Tuesday, June 27th at 5 pm Pacific/8 pm Eastern

Heal Your Life at the Speed of Sound
with Mark Romero

Join master music and energy healer, Mark Romero as he takes you on a powerful musical healing journey that will revitalize your spirit, raise your vibration and harmonize your energy field. In this one-of-a-kind performance, Mark will channel high-vibration energetic frequencies and interweave them into a beautiful live musical performance that will help you to heal, expand your awareness and enhance your power to consciously shape and shift your world. Through this experience, you'll rise above the vibrational barriers and begin to create a new reality filled with love, power and unlimited possibility!  

Home Harmonizing Event
Tuesday, July 11th at 5 pm Pacific/8 pm Eastern

Unblocking Success, Abundance, Love and Ageless Radiance through the Ancient Art and Science of Vastu Shastra
with Vastu Masters Robin and Michael Mastro

For over 40 years, Robin and Michael have been considered two of the world’s leading experts on Vastu Shastra, a powerful system predating feng shui science that shows you how to arrange your home for maximum success and wellness.  Knowing how to set up a proper “Vastu” environment in your home and/or office creates the energy that allows wealth to flow, relationships to thrive, and good health to radiate. Robin and Michael have brought the benefits of Vastu to thousands of personal clients around the world as well as corporate clients including Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon, NASA, The World Bank, Oracle, and Nordstrom.

Anti-Aging Movement Event
Saturday, July 29th at 10 am Pacific/1 pm Eastern

The Satori Method for Lifelong Vibrant Health, Strength, and Happiness
with Tristan and Sabrina Truscott

During this 90 minute live video event, Tristan and Sabrina will lead you through a powerful ancient energy discipline called Qigong combined with contemporary movement modalities to give you an easy yet effective “exercise” program that you can do on your own! It will not only change how you move and feel in your body but the resulting change is to the mind and emotions as well. Their program draws from Tristan's experience of healing himself after 5 years of unimaginable physical pain and Sabrina’s struggle with emotional and mental healing. (NOTE: As Tristan leads us through the movements that bring fluidity and strength to our bodies while releasing stress and fatigue, Sabrina will demonstrate the motions while sitting.)

Your Journey Continues...

  • Morning Session with Debra and Ronnie
  • 90-minute live Zoom Home Harmonizing Event with Robin and Michael Mastro
  • 90-minute live Zoom Healing Music Event with Mark Romero
  • 90-minute live Zoom Anti-Aging Movement Event with Tristan and Sabrina Truscott



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