AloeForce by Herbal Answers

We’ve never really seen all that aloe can do, until now!!  Aloe Answers directly fuels your body's production of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and whatever is needed to regenerate skin, tissue, and organs. Live aloe's legendary reputation for wound healing topically can happen inside as well, now that we have access to completely purified, unheated, intact, unbroken, full spectrum, fully effective aloe!

Be sure to use the link:  for more information and for your special Ageless 10% discount on purchases of $75 or more. 

Art of Living

To find out more about the SKY Breath Course and the Sahaj Samadhi Meditation, go to and click on COURSES => Entry level courses. (Scroll down on that page for Sahaj info.)

The next Sahaj Meditation course taught by one of us will be the weekend of August 14th - 16th.  Just do a search for the name Ronnie Newman.

We also recommend the SKY Breath course for Ageless community members. There are many wonderful teachers offering courses!!  Some of our favorites who have courses coming up are Bhushan Deodhar, Tulasi Perry, Michael Fischman, Denise Marcus, and Filiz Odabas-Geldiay.

If you don't live in the US, you will need to learn in your own country.  A wonderful Canadian teacher (and Ageless family member) is Debra Eklove.  Go to: for courses in Canada. 

Ayurvedic Cookbook for Health and Longevity

So many have asked about Ayurveda and what is an Ayurvedic diet and this book covers it all. It has a comprehensive explanation of body types according to Ayurveda and what each type should eat to balance their systems.  It is also the most beautiful and "user friendly" cookbook we’ve ever seen.

Lisa gives you simple ways to use food as medicine and shows you how to make healthy ingredients into such delicious dishes that no one will believe they're eating for their radiant health!! 

With 108 recipes accompanied by stunning photos of food that will make your mouth water, it is also an exquisite holiday present.

blue bottle Love

When held in blue glass, water is reminded of its pure essence, and returns to its original innocence. The deep blue color brings water back to Zero Point, where it is healed of any and all discordant frequencies it may have accumulated on its way into your bottle. By clearing the energy, you are providing the opportunity for your water to then truly hold the frequency and blueprint of your chosen intentions. So by carrying your water in a Blue Glass Water Bottle, you are honoring your water with the highest vibration frequency for water.

Buckey Eye Masks

The 40 Blinks Sleep Mask is specifically designed with the utmost comfort in mind—the soft, ultralight design blocks light fully and gently hugs the face without pressure using the adjustable Velcro strap that connects at the back of the head. Deep molded cups allow space between the eye and the mask so you can blink freely without pressure. Made with a fabric that is extremely lightweight, breathable, flexible, and durable, a good nights sleep is guaranteed!

Clean Green Eating

Tom and Traysi share 6 Easy-to-follow Steps and 100 Simple and Delicious Recipes to Joyfully Transition to a Whole Food, Plant-Based Lifestyle. You can visit their website here: or click below to get this fabulous book and start your gastronomic journey to optimum health.

Collagen Supplement

A remarkable collagen supplement that took 200 scientists ten years to create.  Created from Type 1 marine collagen, the form of collagen best matched to human collagen, it's 150% more bioavailable than other forms of collagen (and80% of human skin is comprised of Type 1 collagen). Its benefits are amplified with botanicals that help support natural collagen production as well as those that serve as cofactors in helping to preserve the collagen your body already has. Watch this short video:  

Dry Brush

Debra’s favorite brush for Lymphatic Drainage (and she’s tried many)…cactus/vegetable bristles and perfect-sized handle.

EMF Protection for your phone and computer

This unique holographic technology has been proven to reduce RF (radio frequency) exposure by 99.85% on cellphones and 99.8% on computers!  This means that you can now use your device comfortably while knowing you are protecting yourself from harmful EMFs.

Enter Coupon Code Debra10 to save 10% off of your order! 

And be sure to check out the Body Relief Patches.  Debra and Cousin Marcia swear by them.

Gentle Nursery

Low-emission baby monitors and other non-toxic products for moms and babies. 

GMO Information

For general information, please go to  This

is the organization founded by Jeffrey Smith, world renowned expert on GMO’s.  

Click HERE for free access to award-winning movie Secret Ingredients. 

For movie trailer, go to:

For free access to the free 16 minute movie about protecting our microbiome, Don’t Let the Gene Out of the Bottle, go to

Helena Meyer Organic Skin Care

The purest skin care we could find!!!

Put “Ageless” in the comment section at checkout for a free gift

Hu Kitchen

Hu is a family-founded chocolate and snacking company focused on creating products that match ultra-simple ingredients with unbeatable taste. All Hu’s products are vegan, paleo, refined-sugar-free and every ingredient ethically sourced.


LifeBike® Portable Pedals (IoT) is lightweight, folds flat & goes anywhere with you in its bag, just like sneakers. LIFEBIKE® BURNS 300 CALORIES in 30 MINUTES, boosts your mood & energizes you anywhere you sit – at your desk at work, at home, even helps prevent blood clots on long flights!

Melaleuca the Wellness Company

Safe, non-toxic cleaning and personal care products as well as fabulous anti-aging skin care and powerful bio-available supplements for your health and longevity.

 For more information or to open an account, please email us at: 

Nia with Myrna on Facebook

Here is the link to Myrna’s fabulous NIA class!  Every level of fitness welcomed. You can do it from a chair or your can work up a real sweat. It’s up to you, but you will stretch every muscle! And the good news is that you don’t need athletic shoes :) It’s done in bare feet!

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, & Saturday for 1 hour starting at 10 AM Eastern/7 AM Pacific. And if you miss it, there are replays on the FB page.  Cost: Love offering of your choice or free if you can’t afford a love offering.


Save 15% on Medically Approved Anti Blue Light Products  with code YESTOSUCCESS15 

Ocushield screens and glasses are registered as Class 1 Medical Devices by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) of the United Kingdom.

Transcendental Meditation technique

In the TM course, you learn how to effortlessly transcend — go beyond the surface level of your awareness. This state of deep inner silence is typically unavailable from meditation apps and other techniques.

The TM technique's benefits start right away, and keep growing. Hundreds of independent research studies have found major increases in calmness, creativity, energy, clarity of mind, and happiness. 

A meta-analysis of 42 scientific studies reported, “The effect size of TM on overall self-actualization was approximately three times as large as that of other forms of meditation and relaxation.”

Click on the link below for more information.  If you would like to talk to (and be taught by) a fabulous teacher and dear friend, the wonderful Renee (different from our wonderful Ageless coordinator!) is happy to serve you.  Call 971-200-1936 or email

Unblind My Mind

TED talk by  biochemist, Dr. Katherine Reid. Discusses how she eradicated all of her daughter’s symptoms of autism just by changing her diet. 

What, No Meat!?!  By Debra Poneman  and Emily Anderson with forward by Marilyn Diamond  

This book was written for the concerned and bewildered parent who needs help understanding and feeding a child who has decided to give up meat. Also contains info on why organic, what are GMO’s, eating vegetarian for heart health and more.

Yes to Success Home Study

It's Yes to Success time again!! For those of you who are new to Yes to Success, this is the same seminar that thousands have paid up to $1000 to attend and have said it was the catalyst to create a life they love - plus Debra has added  hours of new content to help you navigate the unique world in which we now live.

Some of the most renowned transformational leaders in the world today also say that the principles they learned in Yes to Success was the key to their legendary success. 

5G EMF Protection

Here is where you will find your whole house protector, body protector and car protector.  Put in the coupon code wellbeing for 20% off all products site-wide.

Weight Loss

Detox and Weight Loss

A comprehensive system for improved health, significant weight and inch loss, gentle detoxing, youthful aging, and increased energy. The dense nutrients address the cause of toxicity, obesity, inflammation and stress and provide a unique mineral technology that supports the body with the necessary building blocks for optimal health and longevity.  Included is free personal and online coaching by health care professionals, online support groups, and a downloadable weight wellness guide. Available in plant based (1 gram sugar per serving) or un-denatured whey protein (7 grams sugar).

 Click below and scroll down to Weight Loss System. Then choose either the 9 or 30-day package which has a money back guarantee. Be sure it says ‘preferred customer’ when you place the order to save 25%.

Weight Loss with Bonnie

Our dear friend Bonnie has lost over 60 pounds and 61 inches in the last 10 months and has experienced significant health improvements including:

~No more joint pain

~Off all diabetic medications

~Sugar addiction gone

~Acid reflux gone...

We love that this program provides personal coach support to help you establish healthy habits.

Contact Bonnie at or click below to set up your free health/weight loss consultation with a Certified Health Coach In Partnership with the MacDonald Center for Obesity Prevention and Education & M Louise Fitzpatrick College of Nursing at Villanova University: