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 Secrets to Slowing and Reversing the Aging of Your Brain and Body 

where you will learn ancient and modern practices from award-winning Harvard researcher Ronnie Newman and internationally acclaimed lifestyle expert Debra Poneman.

  • ~ How to slow down and even reverse brain decline (you won’t believe the age your brain begins to shrink…)
  • ~ What types of exercise produce the greatest anti-aging effect and which types actually speed up aging!
  • ~ Which foods cause inflammation in the brain that leads to headaches, brain fog and that lethargic feeling.
  • ~ The little known ager of your youthful skin (no, it’s not the sun - it’s something you’re exposed to every day… and it’s better to start doing this in your 20’s)
  • ~ What is even more important than diet and exercise to support mental clarity (and no more “What did I come into this room for?” experiences!!)

Ronnie and Debra will also share with you an ancient breath technique which you can do in under a minute that will center you, release anxiety, and clear your brain!!

The best class on health and longevity I've ever taken.

Karen Abrams,
Theta Healer

Slowing and Reversing Aging is the best class on health and longevity I've ever taken. Debra and Ronnie share essential science-based information that will help you and your loved ones live long and healthy lives. You'll walk away with a treasure trove of advice and tools to move your health forward powerfully and effectively. 

Truly life-changing

Joseph Bennett,
Sublime Design

There was so much wisdom and practical advice in this webinar! I especially loved the parts on how to improve our memory and the section on nutrition for the brain! I'm so glad I registered for it! 

I now fall asleep much faster... and wake up rested.

Sabrina martinez, human resources manager

I implemented the suggestions around improving sleep and I now fall asleep much faster, stay asleep the entire night and wake up rested.  Just that section of the webinar alone was completely life-changing. 

Your Presenters

Debra Poneman

Debra Poneman has been recognized throughout the world for her courses on success, healthy lifestyle and meditation for over 40 years. Tens of thousands have benefitted from her knowledge and techniques on how to live a long and vibrant life filled with happiness, self-love, abundance and success.  

 "Debra Poneman’s words have changed my life forever. What she shares is both powerfully informative and profoundly inspirational."

John Gray   #1 NY Times bestselling author, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus


Ronnie Newman

Ronnie Newman is an award-winning Harvard-trained mind/body researcher with decades of experience lecturing and teaching around the world. Ronnie has been published in numerous peer-reviewed journals on the power of meditation, the breath, and other modalities to decrease stress and increase happiness, clarity, and longevity—and slow down and even reverse mental and physical decline.


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