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You are invited to join me for a 
 The 5 Secrets to Shining on the Stage and in Everyday Life
where I will share how to be a compelling communicator from the live and virtual stages and in everyday life.

We invite you to register now for the 

 The 5 Secrets to Shining on the Stage and in Everyday Life

where I will share how to be a compelling communicator from the live and virtual stages and in everyday life.. 

Thursday, February 22nd at 12:00 Noon EST

                 In this LIVE 90-minute Deep Dive Training, I will share:

  • How to be more effective and engaging in all of your verbal communications
  • How to hit a home run every time from the live or ZOOM stages and in one-on-one and small group settings (and the story of how Debra learned this in a craaaaaazy way)
  • The #1 deal killer in communication with a potential love interest (and how it changed the life of one of Debra's best friends)
  • How to radiate confidence in any speaking situation (even if you’re shaking in your boots)

In fact, you'll not only discover how to communicate with confidence and grace, but you'll be the one who ends up putting everyone else at ease in social situations. 

I will essentially give you the blueprint that you can use every time you prepare for a speech, meeting, or social event, to make sure mistakes are avoided and you get the desired results.  

In short, I will give you the keys to becoming a world-class communicator. 

What other thought leaders say about Debra’s presentation skills:

"That was a text-book example of the perfect presentation. I laughed. I cried. I’m completely blown away."

Jack Canfield
#1 NY Times Bestselling Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul

”Four decades ago when I first heard Debra speak, she was a pioneer in the self-help movement. Her innovative ideas coupled with her charismatic personality and warm and genuine speaking style make her one of my favorite transformational speakers.  I’m sure she will be yours.  Debra was my first speaking mentor.  In fact, I learned how to be a speaker from her, and I’m grateful to have learned from the best.  She continues to inspire me with her wisdom, insight - and exceptional presentation skills."

Marci Shimoff
#1 NY Times Bestselling Author and Featured Teacher in "The Secret"

"Debra gave us a truly profound experience of wisdom and value at Super Seminar 3 – she actually set a new bar for measuring all our future presenters! Her message was so relevant, and her presence and personal connection was palpable throughout the room.

The audience warmed up to Debra immediately as she provided them with solid and realistic methods for structuring their lives and business ventures in alignment with their true selves, and getting the best out of their talents and potential. Her presentation was truly inspirational and yet grounded in reality. By the standing ovation she received, plus an encore, everyone was undoubtedly touched and deeply moved. In short, Debra delivered in spades!

Someone like Debra comes along once in a rare while, and my gratitude for her presence must be expressed, again and again."

Dr. Ray Blanchard
Blanchard Consulting Group, LLC Producer & Director, Super Seminar III

"Debra Poneman’s presentation brought tears to my eyes and laughter to my heart. Her words have changed my life forever. What she shared was both powerfully informative and profoundly inspirational. I highly recommend hiring her to be your next speaker. She will wow your audience."

John Gray
#1 NY Times Bestselling Author, "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus"

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Debra Poneman is an award-winning speaker, best-selling author, sought-after seminar leader, talk-show host, and in-demand media guest. She is known for her Yes to Success program that has transformed the lives of tens of thousands around the world since 1981. She's also been an in-house trainer for Fortune 500 companies including Mattel Toys, the Xerox Management Group, International Trade Management, McDonnell Douglas and more.


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